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Secure Your Future. Secure Your Legacy. 

What’s your legacy? Will the sale of your business really bring the income you need to retire? Don’t fall victim to the myths surrounding exit and succession planning. Plan early, plan well, and work with expert advisors.

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The harsh reality is that most owners overvalue their businesses. A company’s value depends on who is buying. Advisors accredited in business appraisals can help an owner understand what makes their business valuable to an acquiring party and offer strategies for increasing that value.

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Be prepared!

Fewer than 20 percent of businesses for sale actually sell, according to a study by the American Chamber of Commerce. Those that do sell to an outside party typically consist of companies that operate in a unique niche or location, or that go up for sale when the economy is growing.

When business owners are asked about when they intend to retire, the answer is almost always “in five years.” Three years later, the answer is still “in five years.” Without a written exit plan in place, the procrastination continues. 

“My business is worth $7 million.”

“I will just sell my business and retire.”


"I will deal with my exit plan in five years."


The guide features in-depth advice on the exit and succession process from experts at Beacon Exit Planning, covering everything from the types of exits, to taxation, to contingency planning.

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